A blogger, a photojournalist and a pair of legs in goal.

One day in November 2012 I took a break, jumped on-line and started searching for blogs on Canada. I came across a site that claims , 'rated by my wife as the best site in the world' how could I pass up this kind of endorsement? The blog, created by Dennis Kane, a devout Canadian and Habs fan, had piqued my interest and I sent Dennis an email. Soon after Dennis posted some of my paintings on his blog, this began a serendipitous connection.

While perusing his site I found a photo with legs, literally. The photo was black and white, taken in the 60's, it showed a leggy brunette in a bathing suit and heels stopping a goal on ice as she is rushed by a line of hockey players and a shower of freshly shaved ice by hockey skates. The story of the photo began with the discovery of the photo by Dennis , an award-winning photo, of which the photographer did not know he had won. Enter a photo-journalist by the name of Ray 'Scotty' Morris. I immediately thought, this photo would make an excellent reference for a painting, but I did not want to copy the moment. I left the thought for a while.

Fast forward to June 2013, preparing to paint a portrait for Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, I found myself coming back to the photo. I emailed Dennis and asked him if he could put me in contact with Ray 'Scotty' Morris and he obliged. For the past month I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Scotty, and he has quite the story. Originally from the town of Inverness in Scotland, he has spent most of his life in San Francisco as a photojournalist working for several newspapers, most notably the San Francisco Examiner. He has photographed  celebrities, dignitaries and society events. He recently showed some of his best work in a retrospective at the San Francisco visitor's museum.

I am currently working on a painting inspired by Scotty's award-winning photo,( which I received a copy of in the mail on my birthday, how about that?) and emailing with him about his days hanging out with The Beatles on their 1965 tour...stay tuned! Thanks Dennis & Scotty!

 photo by Ray 'Scotty' Morris

photo by Ray 'Scotty' Morris

Source: http://www.brandysaturley.com