2014 IOC Trophy for Sport & Art - Shortlisted Artists & Creators from Canada

In late 2014 the Canadian Olympic Committee put out a call for artists and creators who have been inspired by sport in their art making practice. Through submitting to this call and having my own work shortlisted for the prize, I was introduced to a diverse group of creators with a common bond, a deep admiration of sport and athleticism. I have since connected with a few of these Canadian creators, on-line and in person. From sculpture to painting, photography, and even the written word. Below are six of the talented Canadian artists who were shortlisted for the 2014 IOC Trophy for Sport and Art.

Romie Froese - http://www.romiefroese.com

Mariska Richters - http://www.mariskarichters.com

Source: http://www.brandysaturley.com