Update: Legs on ice and an Oiler who would be King.


Back in June I wrote about being taken by a photo on Dennis Kane's hockey blog, by San Francisco photographer, Ray 'Scotty' Morris. I wanted to find a way to re-create this photo as a painting, with a Canadian hockey angle. A somewhat daunting project, as I did not want to copy the photo, but I did want to pay homage to Scotty's great composition and creativity. I let the image 'ruminate' around and just as I returned from a trip down the Oregon Coast, when all I could think of was beaches and giant haystack rocks...it hit me, the news all over the web. It was the 25th anniversary of the Gretzky trade. It was the day they said it turned -99 in Canada and as a result we froze over from coast to coast. I began to see the painting in my head...now to lay it down on canvas. Over the past few weeks I have been shut in the studio, painting hard. I am now working through the final touches that will bring the piece together. Below is a 'sneak peek-view' of the piece in it's final stages. The full painting will be unveiled in Edmonton, Canada in December at my solo show titled, 'Iconic Canuck'. In the weeks to come there will be more sneak peek-views as I finalize the pieces that will be a part of the show...much more news to come! See you in Edmonton ;-)

 Caught in the act. Brandy Saturley gives a wink from her studio.

Caught in the act. Brandy Saturley gives a wink from her studio.