Painting on the Edge in Vancouver, Canada

This is the second time I have had a painting juried into this eclectic show. 'POTE' is a juried competition open to all living artists worldwide featuring original paintings, printmaking and drawing media.  The show includes abstract, expressive, impressionist and realist styles.

The name, Painting on the Edge, is partly derived from the physical location of Vancouver, BC Canada on the West Coast of North America, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and from the challenge issued to the artists to push their artistic limits and create extraordinary and unique images. Successful entries combine an original subject or concept, feature excellent composition and skillful use of the chosen medium.  They capture the jury’s interest and excite or move the viewer because they represent the artist’s imagination, involvement and sincerity. The jury panel for this year is comprised of three innovative and influential artists in the West Coast scene.


GU XIONG is a multimedia artist and photographer. He has an MFA and BFA from the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in China.

BRITTANI FAULKES education in Fine Arts and Japanese Studies at Vancouver's Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Sapporo's Bisen College of Art, and the University of British Columbia led her from a BA, BFA, and MA to PhD studies. Her artistic roots are in drawing, photography, and computer graphics.

JORDAN STORM is Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at the Surrey Art Gallery, Vancouver Canada. From 2004 to 2008, Strom worked as the founding editor of Fillip Magazine, an internationally circulated journal of writing on contemporary art and culture.

With over 40 artists works represented, this is a show with something for every taste. Show runs from August 15th until September 1st, 2013.  More info at

 Canadian Cub - acrylic and ink on cardboard coasters by Brandy Saturley

Canadian Cub - acrylic and ink on cardboard coasters by Brandy Saturley