‘Twas my last day as @PeopleOfCanada curator...Thank you!

‘Twas my last day as @PeopleOfCanada curator

And all through the studio,

Not a creature was stirring…

Because if you interrupt my painting I will tear your toque from your head and use it as a painting rag!


But seriously,

I want to take this moment to say, ‘Thank You’ to all the @PeopleOfCanada followers.

Thank you for reading my Tweets about good eats,

About drunken cherries, libations and food.

I learned that you love giant mini-wheats, sunrises and soup,

But that I also learned about your love of Canadian groups…

That sing with an incendiary passion for life and for love.

From Rush and The Band to Moxy Früvous.

I learned that you are passionate about your art your photography and your politics.

But alas, I did not hear much from the sportaholics.

I had hope for some hockey talk, but I got a little coffee talk.

When I asked about Harper, the harping began,

I was envisioning him as King with a Jester called Ford,

Of a land that had become covered in oil.

What I got was a pointy and poking response,

That referenced a body part shaped like a candle sconce.

We talked about passion, opportunity and colour,

Our thoughts on this are very different from one another…or are they?

My thoughts on passion and the pursuit of happiness are this,

We make our own luck, from blood, sweat and tears.

We do not wait for a ticket to ride,

We pick up our toques and march fourth with pride!

Thank you for your favourites, your RT’s and sharing your cheer!

For your interactions here, I will always hold dear.

If you like what you’ve heard come visit me here: @artofbrandys

If not, then I bid you adieu for the year.

Hmmmm...and I just realized I was curator of week '69' - no pun intended, I'm sure.

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel!

Canuck - Brandy

 Week 69 - @PeopleOfCanada Twitter curator

Week 69 - @PeopleOfCanada Twitter curator