ARTIST STATEMENT: With #ICONICCANUCK, my initial interest in exploring the landscapes and popular culture of Canada slowly became an education and experiment of sorts. I found myself not just painting Canadian iconography and sport, but rather trying to bring two worlds together using art. I began with painting a goalie mask on the Canadian flag, the composition influenced by a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. With this painting alone I began reaching two audiences; fans of hockey and those with an interest and education in historical art. The conversations that grew from this singular painting set me on a journey of marrying influences of Canadian popular culture with compositions of well known, historical paintings. Over the past five years this body of work has taken on it's own life and continues to move into new territory, expanding my reach across Canada.

When I began painting 'Canadianisms' on canvas I never had our 150th anniversary of confederation on my mind, but over the past couple years it became apparent that 2017 would be the ideal time to present and celebrate my work of the past five years.

With these things in mind I took my camera and my notebook on the road. Reaching out to contemporaries and connections across the country, I began to build a physical connection to the land, people and places of our great country. My 2016 began with the opening of the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, and the galleries and artist run centres of Vancouver and North Vancouver. I celebrated Canada Day in the capital city of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife. Moving across Canada over the duration of the year including; Edmonton, Winnipeg, Brandon, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Developing real life connections to the artists, galleries, museums, and land across the country.

We have talked about Canada, about what we love and what we want to change. We have talked about what we create and why we create. We have talked about ideas for future collaborations. On each journey I write daily, record video, and photos. Coming home each time to Vancouver Island filled with new ideas about Canada. From the most rural to the grandest; I am cultivating a visual language that is distinctly Canadian. ~ Brandy Saturley, 2016

BIO: Brandy Saturley was born in Victoria, Canada in 1972. She is a prolific painter, travelling photographer, and multiple award winning Canadian artist. Saturley has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions at art fairs, in public and private art galleries, and in unique corporate venues across Canada.

“In painting my goal is to create an initial visceral reaction and connection using something symbolically familiar that draws the viewer into the painting. As the viewer spends time with the painting the story unfolds as the details are discovered. Telling the story through the use of vivid colour and realistic details set on backgrounds of soft organic shapes and pattern. These paintings have been referred to as, 'Canadianism's on canvas or Canadian POP art'. I refer to my painting style as ‘Canadian Contemporary Realism’, formed using a narrative process. With my compositions I focus on symbolism, dynamic structure, and a bold use of colour to communicate the story. My compositions are influenced by historical art, flags, sportswear, design, native culture, and the details of nature.” 

DIALOGUE & DISCUSSION: Saturley’s paintings of Canada, or ‘Canadianisms’, began to gain exposure through group exhibitions in Victoria and Vancouver, then through live painting demonstrations at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary, and in solo gallery shows in Edmonton and Victoria. The artwork has been written about and shared with many people through print, blogs, and websites including; Reader’s Digest: Our Canada Magazine,,,,,,, A Portrait of The Visual Arts in Canada, SALT Magazine, and Emboss Magazine. Paintings from this body of work have been purchased by the Colart Collection in Quebec. Saturley is also a contributing blog writer for, and has written for Saturley's self-published works and portfolio are on file with ARTEXTE in Montreal, Canada.

CANADIANISMS: A Five Year Retrospective is a touring exhibition and is being presented in two Alberta Art Galleries in 2017. Strathcona County Gallery @501 in Sherwood Park, outside Edmonton and Okotoks Art Gallery near Calgary, Alberta. 

Inside the studio: artist perched on top of her hand painted art shipping crates bound for Alberta shows, for Canada Sesquicentennial celebrations.

Inside the studio: artist perched on top of her hand painted art shipping crates bound for Alberta shows, for Canada Sesquicentennial celebrations.